Final Fantasy 6 arrives on Android

Square Enix has released another classic Final Fantasy title on mobile devices--although not the platform you may expect. While Square Enix's iOS games normally arrive before Android counterparts, Final Fantasy VI has done the opposite, hitting Google Play today. Final Fantasy VI first hit Super NES in 1994, telling the story of Terra Branford, a former slave to the Gestahlian Empire. Terra soon breaks the Empire's hold over her and meets up with a young treasure hunter named Locke Cole. Joining up with 12 other playable characters, the rebellion soon finds themselves confronting Empire leader Kefka, one of the FF series' most memorable villains. Final Fantasy VI's Android port features restored graphics, similar to its 2007 Game Boy Advance remake. It also feature the GBA version's new magicites and events. New touch controls are introduced, including for Blitz, which looks something like this:

FF6's Blitz on Android

Final Fantasy VI is available on the Google Play store for $15.99. There is currently no date set for an iOS release.