Project Zomboid map editor released

Sure, you've got a 'Zombie' brand hunting knife, 100 litres of bottled water, 200 cans of baked beans, and a 'bug-out bag' covered in biohazard patches, but are you trained in your neighbourhood? Silly prepper! Thankfully Project Zomboid has your back, as the newly-released map editor will let you recreate your neighbourhood to practise surviving the zombie apocalypse, you silly goose.

You can download the map toolkit from the Zomboid forums, which contains everything you need to recreate your neighbourhood, your office, your hometown, a dystopian future city, or wherever else you fancy murdering zombies.

Project Zomboid is still in alpha, with current tasks including from all-2D artwork to 3D models and environments. You can buy into the alpha for $14.99 (and get the finished game, of course). A demo's on offer too, so you can try it first.