Space 4X game Horizon launching out of Early Access in February

As much as you might long to explore the galaxy, you'd be hesitant to jump in a beta build of a rocketship, wouldn't you? If you've avoided Horizon during its Steam Early Access period for similar reasons but fancy getting out amongst the stars to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate, know that it's very nearly done, and will officially launch in "early February."

Developed by L3O Interactive, Horizon is, well, a space 4X game. Players will take mankind's first steps into the wider cosmos, running smack-bang into a war between alien races. You'll get to colonise and manage planets, gather resources, trade with aliens, schmooze in diplomacy, research tech, design and build ships, and go to war, baby! War!

Along with a story campaign, Horizon has a straight sandbox mode too. It's $24.99 on Steam.

Here's a quick rundown of how to manage your worlds, in a trailer from last July: