Comic Studio app for Nintendo 3DS coming to America

Comic Studio is a 3DS eShop app that lets users make comics on their Nintendo handheld. A look at the Japanese official site shows how elaborate creations using the app can be.

The app will launch in Japan today for 800 yen (~$8). However, this niche eShop download will also be coming stateside.

Collavier, the Japanese developer of the app, confirmed to Siliconera that a western release is planned, but they have yet to figure out a release plan.

With Comic Studio, artists will use the stylus to draw their comics with a variety of brushes. There will be a bank of stock expressions and sound effects that can be added to characters--crucial to making your Naruto doujinshis look believable. You'll also be able to use the 3DS camera to take reference shots while drawing.

When you want to export your work off the 3DS, you can save a JPG onto the SD card or have the image emailed. However, do note that 3DS isn't known for a particularly high resolution--the top screen supports a resolution up to 400x240.