Steam UI adds experimental Oculus Rift mode

Playing games in 3D with your Oculus Rift is all good and well, but no one will ever believe you're a super wizard class hacker if you remove your goggles between games to gawp at a plain old monitor. Thankfully Valve is thinking of you, and has brought an "experimental" virtual reality mode to the Steam interface so you can browse your games deep in cyberspace.

Valve's Joe Ludwig detailed how to get it working in the SteamVR group yesterday. You'll need an Oculus Rift dev kit, naturally.

But what does SteamVR look like? Steam user 'crazed' gave it ago and explained, "The interface is essentially the Big Picture mode, but projected onto a curved screen in front of you. The panel will slowly adjust to center close to your center of vision, although it may not self-correct past a certain angle. You use the mouse to navigate."

Personally, I'm not quite sure what the point is without shining molten metal figures striding through abstract landscapes of geometric primitives, and looming lines of green computer code.