AirDrop Gaming planning second-generation HipShotDot and more accessories

HipShotDot is one of the most ingenious video game peripherals ever made. Why? Because it's such an easy, practical product. It's simply an LED light that you can attach to your television. That's it. But Airdrop Gaming offers many convincing reasons why hardcore shooter players would even want such a thing. By using the suction cup to attach the light to your TV, players will have a permanent red dot sight, one that lets players aim more quickly, shoot from the hip with precision, and avoid the effects of EMPs in games. In a game like Call of Duty, you'll be able to forgo wasting a customization slot on a weapon sight--because it's already attached to your television.

With an MSRP of $30, the markup on the HipShotDot is quite significant. However, hardcore shooter players will probably want every advantage they can get. This video from Airdrop Gaming is incredibly compelling:

It's hard to imagine how Airdrop Gaming could possibly improve upon such a simple design, but at CES, co-founder Tim Murphy told Shacknews that there were already plans for a second-generation version of the HipShotDot. The main improvement I could imagine is a thinner or transparent cable that connects to the dot. Right now, it dangles below the red dot, creating a very visible and somewhat-distracting line that goes down the middle of the TV.

But Murphy isn't content on being a one-trick pony. Murphy told me that the company is working on entirely new products as well, all geared towards helping shooter players. It's hard to imagine what else can be done--but Murphy's a man that convinced me that putting a red dot in the middle of your TV is worth paying money for. It'll be fascinating to see what Airdrop has in store.