PlayStation '14 for 14' sale starts tomorrow

Sony is following up last year's 13 for 13 sale with another one, predictably titled "14 for 14." Starting tomorrow, the PlayStation Store will be discounting 14 games for PlayStation 3, and 14 games for Vita, with only a little crossover between the two platforms. Like last year, the sales are up to 50% off for regular members, and up to 75% off for Plus members. Rewards members will also get extra points on these purchases.

Some of the bargains are actually on fairly recent releases. You can get PlayStation 3 games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut for $14.99 ($13.49 for Plus), Puppeteer for $13.99 ($7 for Plus), and Tales of Xillia for $19.99 ($10 for Plus).

On Vita, you can notably get Killzone: Mercenary ($17.99/$9), Soul Sacrifice ($17.99/$9), and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time ($13.49/$6.75). Season passes for A Wolf Among Us on PS3 and Walking Dead Season 1 on Vita are on sale too.

Thomas Was Alone and Lone Survivor are cross-buy games, so they're both listed among both platforms. A few other games in the Vita list like Spelunky and Stealth Inc. are cross-buy too, but then there would be sixteen games listed in the PS3 section, and that'd just ruin the whole theme, wouldn't it?