Naughty cat sim Catlateral Damage releases new playable alpha

Like many single women approaching 30, I have a cat. (I'm fine.) Like many cat-owning single women approaching 30, I often find my personal possessions inexplicably down on the floor. And like other single women approaching 30 who spend a lot of time picking things up after a cat, I'm too distracted to track every single last game that's announced.

For people in my situation, then, hearing that "first-person destructive cat simulator" Catlateral Damage has just released a new public alpha version is both a surprise and a rare opportunity to see what's so great about my little darling's hobby.

Catlateral Damage gives players two minutes in the body of a naughty cat, racing to score points by knocking onto the floor pens, bottles, toys, books, lamps, plants, video games, and whatever else you can reach. Also you can jump into the bin. It mostly uses standard FPS controls, but the left and right mouse buttons are swipes and the middle mouse button is a cheeky poke.

The current alpha version, updated on Friday, only gives a bedroom to ruin, but the finished game will include the rest of the house too. Creator Chris Chung aims to bring it to PC, Mac, and Linux.

You can play in your browser (via Alpha Beta Gamer) or download it from Indie DB. Here's a peek at a slightly older alpha version: