Rayman Legends next-gen releases moved forward one week

If you've already bought a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you're probably a bit antsy waiting for any new game to come out, let alone one as lovely as Rayman Legends. Ubisoft has good news on that front, at least, as it's quietly bumped Rayman's release forward by a week, to February 18.

The new date comes from a blog post detailing exactly what's new and shiny in the next-gen versions. Both versions have uncompressed textures, meaning they're prettier than ever, and loading times have been eliminated. Each gets exclusive characters, in the form of an Assassin's Creed-inspired Assassin Ray on PS4, and Raymanified versions of Vaas from Far Cry 3 and Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher for Xbox One. They boast platform-specific bonuses too.

On PlayStation 4, the controller touchpad sends the game into Camera Mode, pausing the action and letting players pan and zoom to stage a snappy shot before hitting Share to upload it. The touchpad's also used to 'scratch' lucky tickets. It supports Remote Play on a Vita too.

Over on Xbox One, things aren't quite as special. It's got ten time-limited achievements, which give players a week to complete tasks across different modes.

Ubisoft previously, in December, announced that Rayman Legends would land on February 25.