Battlefield 4 patched on PC today, PS4 & PS3 tomorrow

Battlefield 4 launched in a wonky enough state that disgruntled shareholders have launched a class-action lawsuit over how it effected EA's share price, but bless its heart, developer DICE has been trying. The PC edition has received a new patch today, targeting more of those nasty crashes, and both PlayStation 4 and PS3 versions are being patched tomorrow too.

The PC client patch notes explain that it's fixing several specific crashes and deadlocks, so check them if you've been suffering. It also brings fixes for assorted bugs and "improving general stability," and tweaks balancing of jets a bit.

It was accompanied by a server update fixing five server crashes too.

As for what the PlayStation patches will bring, that's unconfirmed for now, but they're likely to bring balance tweaks over and their own selection of bug fixes.