Fable Anniversary pre-order bonuses announced

Fable Anniversary is getting ready to launch next month, but first you need to know what kinds of goodies you can score by committing to it early. Lionhead detailed the pre-order bonuses today, a mixture of outfits and weapons that range from the somewhat normal to the extremely goofy

The studio outlined the packs on their blog (via IGN). By far the strangest is the Snowspire Pack, which includes a Guard Outfit and "The Jackarse," a weapon in only the loosest of terms because it is actually just a big fish. But if you've been waiting for a game that lets you slap badguys with marine animals, well, there you go. The Peirates Pack includes an outfit themed after the plunderer Peirates (aka Pete) along with his cutlass. Finally, the Apollo Pack includes the outfit of the leader of the Grey Company, and his crossbow to boot.

The blog notes that these are retailer-exclusive bonuses, but strangely doesn't name which bonus matches up with which retailer. So you could take the wait-and-see approach, or gamble with one of the regular retailers and risk getting (or not getting) a face-smacking fish.