Razer proposes PC upgrade subscription service for Project Christine

"Instead of having to pay thousands of dollars in a single shot, there could be a standard subscription fee and you could have always, at any point of time, the best possible PC," Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan hypothesized at CES, while speaking about Project Christine. Due to the simplicity of replacing parts in the company's modular PC prototype, it would be entirely possible for the company to regularly ship top-of-the-line components to subscribers.

Speaking to Gamespot, Tan explained that the subscription would require subscribers to send back old components to Razer once they received their new gear. And because the components would be standardized, there would be no worry about compatibility issues either, making it a potentially lucrative business for Razer to explore.

Of course, Project Christine is simply a prototype for now, and may not even become a real product. However, depending on how a subscription is priced, this might be an attractive model for hardcore PC gamers to consider.