Medieval city-building sim Banished arrives on February 18

O for the good old days, when life was simple and children weren't hiring hitmen on their iPhones with Bitcoins! Shining Rock Software understands the appeal of a good day's hard work, and of the weak falling to winter, and is sharing this with the world in Banished. The one-man studio today announced its medieval city-building sim will launch for PC on February 18.

Banished gives players a small group of exiled settlers to care for in a strange new forest, getting them to clear space, build homes, harvest, hunt, farm, mine, and, ultimately, create a mighty city with schools, marketplaces, and other modern luxuries. You have to earn all this, though, starting with nothing, relying on the land, and dodging starvation, cold, and illness. You hear that, kids?

"Ah, I remember when I quit my job and thought I could make a game in one year," creator Luke Hodorowicz reminisced in today's announcement. "It took three times as long, but it was definitely worth it, and the process was really satisfying!"

Banished will cost "around $20", Hodorowicz said in December. Here's a peek at the game: