Trick skater OlliOlli grinds onto Vita January 21

With the elements battering much of North America right now, it's probably been a while since you enjoyed the roar of wheels on cement, the shriek of trucks on rails. Topical. Luckily, Vita-exclusive 2D skateboarding platformer OlliOlli is coming to your rescue, as developer Roll7 announced today it'll launch on January 21.

OlliOlli's a single-player game of skating fast, pulling gnarly tricks, and trying not to land on your face then come to an agonising halt by dragging your floppy body over metres of concrete.

It was supposed to launch in 2013, but ended up delayed by problems with its 'Daily Grind' mode. Similar to Spelunky's Daily Challenge, each day it offers every player the same level to compete on leaderboards--with the difference that it lets people have practise runs before committing to one final go. Only the game had a bug which let people retake their final run too.

Here, look, it all looks a bit like this: