Guild Wars 2 trailer signals end to Living World arc

ArenaNet has been tireless in its efforts to bring bi-weekly updates to Guild Wars 2, with each one slowly moving the game's storyline forward. That story is about to come to a head, as a new trailer recaps the surprisingly-complex narrative up to this point, before revealing that the end of the current Living World storyline is at hand.

The video below explains the story Guild Wars 2 has unfurled since launch, beginning with December 2012's Wintersday update and culminating with November's The Nightmares Within update. Every chapter has uncovered a new piece of sylvari villainess Scarlet Briar's master plan, revealing unlikely alliances and an army prepared to overrun all of Tyria.

This sets the stage for the storyline's finale, which will unfold over the course of four updates, beginning on January 21.