PlayStation Now game streaming to begin closed beta this month

Today during its CES keynote, Sony announced PlayStation Now, the apparent culmination of its plans for Gaikai. It will offer rentals, or a subscription model to let you play PlayStation games on your smartphone, Vita, or Sony TV. The company claims that it will begin a closed beta by the end of January, with a full rollout planned by this summer.

According to the presentation, this will allow you to play games like The Last of Us and Beyond on devices ranging from recent Bravia TVs to a PlayStation Vita. Sony noted that it boasts 70 million Internet-enabled devices currently, but the functionality likely won't be available on all of them from the start. The PlayStation Blog explicitly mentions most 2014 Bravia models to begin with, but says it will expand to other devices afterwards. Sony's presentation also allowed for the possibility of PlayStation Now being available on other, non-Sony devices.