Rekoil opens fire on PC and Xbox 360 on January 28

Multiplayer shooters are about to go old-school once more. 505 Games and Plastic Piranha are ready to launch their homage to classic arena shooters later this month, after missing its initial fall release window. Rekoil will arrive on PC on January 28 and a day later on Xbox Live Arcade, where it will be dubbed Rekoil: Liberator.

Both versions of Rekoil will feature mass battles for up to 24 players with seven different game modes, ten maps, and 40 different weapons. There are no perks or prestiging or any of that newfangled nonsense, so players will be able to pick from those 40 weapons immediately. The PC version will also feature mod tools.

Rekoil will be available for $14.99. For more information about this gun-tastic throwback to the Counter-Strike era, check out our preview.