Bravely Default toned down for western release

Square Enix has apparently decided that one of its own games was a bit risque for western audiences. A fan has noticed that the company has altered some sexual references in Bravely Default, as well as raised the ages of its core cast of characters.

IGN detailed the changes to the already-released European version. For one, a user on the site's boards posted side-by-side screenshots of the Bravely Default heroines, dressed in slightly less revealing clothes. In the screenshot above, the characters on the left are the western counterparts to the Japanese ones on the right. Certain characters have also reportedly had their ages raised from 15 to 18, and the localization is said to tone down some of the sexual innuendo.

As IGN notes, none of the changes seem to impact the game itself. Since these are all collected from the European version, it's not certain if the changes will remain in place for the North American release, but given the localization changes, it seems likely. The game was rated for ages 15 and up in Japan, but with these tweaks in place, Europe's PEGI gave it a rating for 12 and up instead.