Class of Heroes 2G coming westward to PS3 in 2014

MonkeyPaw Games, a noted admirer of Japanese games, helped bring Class of Heroes 2 to western PSPs earlier this year, and now it's eyeing up the dungeon crawler's PlayStation 3 version. The publisher has confirmed plans to release Class of Heroes 2G in 2014, together with Gaijinworks, sending more pupils of a adventurer school out to loot treasure.

Class of Heroes 2 is a fairly typical Japanese dungeon crawler set around Crostini Academy, a boarding school for would-be swordsmen, sorcerers, monks, ninjas and other adventuring classes. Forming a party of students, you set out to, you know, kill monsters and collect treasure.

It reviewed reasonably well on PSP. The PS3 version was updated with more dungeons, skills, pupils, and, in Japan at least, voice acting.

MonkeyPaw's announcement was light on details, though Gaijinworks president Vic Ireland revealed on the GameFAQs boards (via Joystiq) that 2G will be able to use a PSP or Vita for dual-screen play, functioning as a controller and showing extra information.

Look, here's a trailer showing one full quest from the PSP original: