Telltale explains how it juggles multiple projects

Telltale surprised us with not one but two new series announcements at this year's VGX awards, bringing their grand total of games in development up to four. That's a lot of irons in the fire for a small studio, but senior VP of publishing Steve Allison says the core structure of the studio will help them manage the workload.

"The concept of teams here doesn't necessarily exist," Allison told Polygon. "We have groups doing certain things like building sets or animating scenes, and a leadership team that has producers to keep people in check and directors to direct episodes. The idea of having four teams working on four different things doesn't exist here. The way we make the games, it's just not the same. It fits with the way they build the game, the episodic nature and the way they play like television shows. It's not 50 guys working on the same game for 18 months."

He said that while the directors may stay on a project, animators and developers might jump back and forth between projects as needed. "The way we do things and the way we design from a structural standpoint not everyone agrees with," he said. "But there are no compromises on the way we do anything on these series." Ultimately, the goal is to "work on three or four great things" every year using this model.

The four current projects are The Walking Dead Season Two, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, and A Game of Thrones.