Bravely Default producer wants to release a game 'at least once a year'

Bravely Default is just over a year old in Japan (and due in February stateside), but already producer Tomoyo Asano has big plans for the series. A sequel is in development, and Asano says he'd like to make it a yearly event.

In an interview with Japanese site Dengeki (via Siliconera), he said, "Personally, I'm aiming to release a game for the Bravely series at least once a year. So, we’d like to release Bravely Second for sometime in 2014." That target is likely meant Japan only, but the initial Japanese release of Bravely Default in 2012 and the "For the Sequel" revisions in 2013 would be in keeping with his goal.

Since Bravely Default saves data to the 3DS SD card when you finish the game, the subject of carrying on some progress came up as well. Asano said that they want to include a treat for players, but that he isn't quite sure yet. "We'd like to prepare some sort of benefit that it can be used for in Bravely Second, but honestly speaking, we've yet to decide on what," Asano said. "So for now, please bear with the idea of 'If you save your data [from the previous game] there may just be something good waiting for you.'"

A side-story demo of Bravely Default is due on January 2, and your progress and items will carry over into the main game when it releases on February 7.