Weekend Confirmed 196 - The Walking Dead: Season Two

By Ozzie Mejia, Dec 20, 2013 11:00am PST

There are two holiday episodes of Weekend Confirmed on tap for the end of 2013, but first, there's one more "regular season" edition to get through. Hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata welcome in Shacknews' Andrew Yoon and Christian Spicer to talk about some of the final bits of news left over for the year, starting off with the recently-revealed sales numbers for Call of Duty: Ghosts. That leads into this week's Nintendo Direct and whether the news revealed can generate any sort of excitement for Nintendo in 2014. And yes, there's ample discussion about the games revealed for both the Wii U and 3DS. The show then moves into some talk about The Walking Dead: Season Two before wrapping up with Finishing Moves and the weekend Tailgate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 196: 12/20/2013

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  • Some points about last week's podcast

    Glad to hear you guys are finally getting into handhelds, and you agree the 3DS is actually pretty strong now.

    Nintendo is totally at fault for not capitalising on their year lead. They blew any momentum they had and have no one to blame but themselves.

    Jeff and Andrew are right though, part of the problem with the Wii-U is the marketing and the confusion with the name and it's totally Nintendo's fault.

    I can't imagine the Zelda Warriors game being anything but boring.

    It was *super* sleazy of Reggie to market the micro transactions during the Direct. Fuck them and fuck Squeenix for turning RPGs into FTP games.

    It's funny hearing Jeff talk about the Wii U vs. the Gamecube because the GC had *much* better third party support.

    When Sony gets behind a title like Black Flag, you think of it as a PS4 title, but when they abandon a title it gets fucking *buried* - see The Puppeteer.

    Did I hear Garnett say the PS4 has no games?

    If early access is the newest business model coming into play, I'm giving up modern gaming entirely. I don't want to pay to bitch. I want to pay to have fun.
    I agree with Jeff. I'd rather wait and have the optimal experience than pay for a buggier version sooner.

    Andrew Yoon - THANK YOU for calling a company out on their buggy product. I had no problems on the PS3, but I've seen tons of complaints, and it deserves to be mentioned. Cookie (Clicker) for you!

    Spicer - for a guy who always likes to be positive, he sure likes to shit on Nintendo.

    And console gamers.

    "Console people don't have the patience for an hour race".

    "PC users are more educated consumers"

    He's gone from being a really interesting guest to someone who makes me cringe like Andrea Rene.

    Backwards compatibility is a *huge* feature for me, because it means I know I'm not going to be charged for those games again in HD editions or resold on PSN or Xbox Live.

  • Here we go lamenting the Wii U again, attempting to diagnose what's wrong with it -- and by relation, Nintendo. I have a theory, but I'm going to defer to a much smarter man to pose my argument.

    Seamus Blackley (one of the people behind the original Xbox) recently said on an episode of Bonus Round that Nintendo's problem is that they don't realize that they are DISNEY. Of course, he was inferring that Nintendo would be wise to put their product (at least some of their older games) out on other platforms, particularly mobile and tablets, and use the popularity of those games to help push the newer, Wii U and 3DS exclusive games. I agree 100%, but the bigger thing that I took away from Mr. Blackley's comparison is that Nintendo should following Disney's example as a CREATIVE, STORYTELLING company. Even if you disregard the Pixar films, Disney continues to put out NEW, high quality films, Bolt, Tangled and Frozen among them. Sure, they still stick to the "Disney Princess" archetype a good deal of the time, but even when they do, they tell it in new and entertaining ways that haven't been attempted before.

    Sadly, it seems to me that at Nintendo, no one, not even Miyamoto, has a single NEW idea in their head. They just keep putting out the same collection of marquee games, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Brothers, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, etc., as if attempting anything new and unfamiliar would be suicide. Worse yet, now we're even content to settle for remake after remake of games we've already played. I'm not saying that Miyamoto isn't a genius, or that the quality of Nintendo's games, even the remakes, aren't just as good, but I've personally reached the point in my life where Nintendo could put out the most amazing Zelda or Mario title ever made and I still won't care enough to purchase their hardware. The PS4 and Xbox One may not yet be able to offer me an experience as fantastic as Super Mario World or Mario 64 were in their heyday, but at least I'm guaranteed the chance to experience something BRAND NEW. New characters. New stories. New franchises. There's simply not enough of that on Wii U, and I think that's one of the big reasons why it hasn't managed to gain much of a new audience.

  • Sooo.... updated impressions of Need for Speed Rivals on PS4.

    The game needs balancing quick, because once you get into the higher tiers of cars on the racer side, the game starts getting irritating to play. And it's not a matter of difficulty so much as most of the game becomes busy work. You spend most of your time trying to lose cops between events, than you do actually participating in them. And not by choice.

    I don't mind the risk/reward of banking stuff. That's cool. I don't mind the rubber-band AI in races and cop pursuits, it keeps them fun and intense.

    It's the Heat levels and how quick on the trigger cops are to go after you that's an issue.

    I can start a race (or any event), cops get involved, it's great. Then the event ends, and I have to lose the cops. Also great.

    I spend the next 15 to 20 goddamn minutes losing the cops, because even if there isn't a single goddamn cop left in the viewable area of the mini-map, they can still magically see me. I see the escape bar building up and then BOOM, pursuit resumed AGAIN, despite the fact that there isn't a fucking cop within 5 miles of me. This happens 10 goddamn times in a row, before I say fuck it, head to the nearest hideout and bank 200,000 bucks, even though I would have preferred to have made that money actually completing events.

    I like racing against and battling cops. It's fun. But not when all I want to do is drive to the next fucking event and start it, or figure out how the fuck to approach a particular jump.

    This is how I would have balanced the game:

    1) AI cops do not engage you outside of events. Human-controlled cops can, because that's fun. Out-dueling an actual human is a fun little diversion from races and events, and its extra sweet or extra painful when you know a human stole all your money. More over, human cops are given the ability to call an APB, which would call AI cops to help them against racers, but as soon as they lose the human cop, the APB ends.

    2) You can provoke AI controlled cops through participating in events, or ramming them if you see them in the environment.

    3) Cops can obviously engage you in events, and after the event finishes, you have to escape them.

    4) Cop players are given alerts when human racers enter events in the world, which they can immediately warp into proximity of to join the chase.

    5) Bring back 'escape areas' from the first Most Wanted as a way of killing of pursuits without banking your money.

    6) For the love of god, why don't jammers affect helicopters? I know you can use them to counter the spike-strips they drop, but it would be nice if my electronic jamming equipment also jammed up the electronics that allowed the fucking thing to fly. Shaking helicopters is irritating as hell, and not fun in the slightest since it doesn't even have the visceral attack/defend component of fighting off cop cars.

    Anyway, I'm level 37, grinding my way to 60 on the racer side, and while there are definitely bouts of fun to be had battling with racers and cops in the events, and even escaping human cops between races, the tedium of never-ending car chases with AI cops when all I want to do is go to the next goddamn event is getting tiresome.

  • Looks like Garnett is the latest person to get pulled into 999 and VLR. That game is gotten probably more LTTP (late to the party) threads than any other on GAF. Garnett needs to post his reactions to the story somewhere.

    Also, it looks like he's starting to be pulled into the world of visual novels. It's pretty much the same as reading a book printed on a game card (or disc). Some of them just happen to be pretty good books. I even think the Eurogamer review of 999 noted that a visual novel was basically one step removed from reading a Kindle.

  • So do none of the people on the podcast use PSN currently for the back catalog? Since I own a PS3 a PSP and a VITA and the PSX games I purchased 3/4 years ago on my PS3 can be transferred to all three devices and run also the Vita is also pretty good at running PSP games which are widely available in the Vita store. Also the price for most PS1 games is cheaper than the SNES prices (except for the marquee stuff like Square games or MGS).

    Also the suite of options that is open regarding how you want the screen size to be and other things like that is already baked into the stuff. I don't think Sony will need to use Gaikai for that stuff because as far as I can tell the PS3 was just brute forcing it and it was working so the PS4 should be able to. PS3 games would be where I would see the Gaikai stuff having to come in.