Monaco's Architect Patch cuts certain campaign pieces

One way to describe Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is "methodically-paced." The perfect heist can't be rushed. But for the more impatient thieves out there, Pocketwatch Games is issuing a free update for the PC, Mac, and Linux versions that will help pick up the pace, especially in some of the game's slower levels.

Details of the new Architect's Patch can be found on the Pocketwatch Games blog (via Joystiq), explaining that large chunks of some of the more frustrating levels have been cut. For example, major sequences on each of the boat levels that were filled with dogs, crossbows, and fire have been shortened. Of course, if you're a Monaco purist, you'll still be able to play these levels as originally designed in 'Classic' mode.

The Architect's Patch will also include a new campaign section with three new PvP missions, updated leaderboards for Zombie and Enhanced modes, and new features for the main campaign (doors that require certain keys and random NPC's with cash) that will be retroactively added.

If you haven't discovered the wonder of Monaco, you can check out our review and then consider picking it up from the Steam Winter Sale.