Might & Magic X: Legacy launching in January

Throwback RPG Might & Magic X: Legacy has been available through Early Access for a few months now, but not everyone fancies playing an incomplete game. Come January 23, publisher Ubisoft has announced, you'll get to play the finished version, which will be sold in a box too.

True to its subtitle, M&M X is a proper turn-based, first-person affair, just like the good old days everyone says are way better than these bad news days. If you fancy, you can still buy into the Early Access program, which contains the game's first act.

Here's some chaps from developer Limbic Entertainment reflecting on the game's "open development," which seems to be a fancy term for writing dev blogs and having forums for fans to post on. They have responded to some feedback though, giving the example of changing the pace of the day and night cycle.