The Secret World unleashes the Krampus and raises Hel

Kids nowadays, gadding about with their 'Krampus this' and 'Krampus that,' have forgotten who Christmas is really about: Santa. Thankfully The Secret World is taking this Krampus cad to task, as its festive event involves fighting the rotter and his pal Hel. We can yet save Christmas! The 'A Mother of a Season' event sees Krampus up to his usual antics, searching for people to punish. You'll get to beat him up, then chase him to the Norse realm of Niflheim, and get into a barney with Hel too. Players will also be able to draw Hel into our realm, if they can figure out her mysterious ritual, which Funcom teases with an unhelpful screenshot from somewhere in the world. Obviously, you'll get to wear fancy festive clothing too. The event also introduces the 'Lord of Misrule' to PvP, which gives fantastic powers for five minutes as the Lord of Misrule (who looks like Krampus in a Santa outfit), like lobbing exploding presents. Other players can claim the title by murdering the Lord. The event kicked off today and will run until January 2.