Wii Sports Club rolls out Golf today

Wii Sports Club debuted with tennis and bowling, but if you want a little more up your sleeve to help settle family arguments over Christmas, Nintendo has you covered. Golf has rolled out onto Wii U today, with the same price model of $1.99 to play all three sports for one day or $9.99 to keep Golf forever.

Nintendo's refreshed the free 24-hour trial, so folks who already had a go at tennis and bowling can go again. If this weird pricing model isn't to your liking, the company's considering a retail release with the full five games once baseball and boxing are out too.

Wii Sports Club Golf uses the GamePad as a tee, so players will need to place it on the flow before using a Wiimote to take their swing, which sends the ball flying onto the TV. There's a questionable risk of a drunk aunt or uncle will stamp on the GamePad while yelling at the host for not cooking the potatoes properly.

As well as the classic Wii Sports nine-hole golf course, it has a course based upon Nintendo's vintage NES game Golf US Course. Look, here, some golf happens in this new trailer: