Bravely Default 'side-story' demo coming January 2

Bravely Default is coming in February, but you can get a unique taste of it next month. During its Nintendo Direct presentation today, the company announced that on January 2, a "side-story" demo will launch that offers a special area not found in the main game.

The demo will let you tinker with the battle system, job classes, and StreetPass functions--all without having to repeat the demo content again when the full game comes out. You can also import some item packs from the demo into the main game.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime also explained the game's 'Sleep Points' mechanic, which rewards you with a point for every 8 non-consecutive hours of the 3DS being in sleep mode while the game is running. Yes, that means it rewards you for not playing. Those points can be used to fulfil a variety of gameplay functions like reviving downed characters, and if you need a boost you'll be able to buy SP Potions from the eShop to refill your points.