Grand Theft Auto Online gets 'Capture' mode tomorrow

Grand Theft Auto Online will be updated with a new mode tomorrow: "Capture," which is Rockstar's take on capture the flag.

The 1.08 title update on PS3 and Xbox 360 will add the new gameplay mode, alongside 20 new Jobs. Capture can be played in four different ways. In "Raid," you have to fight your way into your opponent's base, steal a package, and deliver it back to your base to score. Whichever teams scores the most wins.

In "Hold," teams must hold onto as many packages as possible in their base. Packages can be stolen from the opposing team, or discovered on the map. Whoever has the most packages when time runs out wins.

In "GTA," players must steal target vehicles and then bring them back to their bases. Finally, in "Contend," there's only one package up for grabs, with a new package being generated whenever it is captured.

The update will also add a number of bug fixes and tweaks, including adjusted cash payout rates. You can find out more on Rockstar's support page.