Energy Hook swinging to PS4 and Vita too

Jamie Fristrom really likes swinging. He masterminded the celebrated web-swinging system in Spider-Man 2, and earlier this year Kickstarted a swing 'em up of his own, Energy Hook. Now the developer has revealed that it's coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita too, in addition to PC.

"I just signed with Sony to bring it to the Playstation Vita and PS4. So stoked," Fristrom said on Reddit (via Gematsu). He explained that he Sony had previously shot down Energy Hook, but bit second time round, after lowering both his asking price and the exclusivity he offered then approached a different department at Sony. It'll be exclusive for one month, rather than entirely, so other platforms are possible too.

Energy Hook combines the swinging of Spider-Man 2 with extreme stunts and tricks, like in SSX or Tony Hawk's skateboarding games. Pre-ordering on PC will get you access to alpha builds. Here's Jamie to show off and explain Energy Hook: