How Clementine plays differently in Walking Dead's second season

While many are eager to start playing the second season of The Walking Dead tomorrow, many fans are wondering how the game will differ now that the lead character has changed. Clementine is much younger than Lee, the protagonist of the first season. So, how does the game convey that difference?

"You play as this little girl, but the world doesn't care," Telltale says. "The other survivors and zombies in general do not care that you're a little girl...it makes you have to consider things from a different perspective."

Clementine won't be as physical as Lee, and she won't be able to command the same respect that her season one guardian did. "People might ignore your opinion because you're a little girl," IGN writes up in a new preview. "But at the same time, they may dismiss you as a non-threat. This really opens up the possibility for a wealth of intriguing scenarios."

Of course, Clementine doesn't really have anyone to protect like Lee did in season one. Her main goal is to survive. "Just surviving when you don't have anything special to you is challenging enough, and that's what's important to Clementine's story."