DayZ standalone alpha is out now

The highly-anticipated standalone version of DayZ has arrived on Steam through the Early Access program. The game is currently in alpha and, just as a reminder, the mod's creator wants to emphasize that this version of the game will feel like an alpha.

"I really can't emphasize enough - this is going to be an early access project on Steam," creator Dean 'Rocket' Hall wrote on the DayZ forums earlier this month. "It's a true-blue alpha. Massive areas of the engine were entirely reworked, involving a large team of people over the last 12 months. Much of what these achievements will enable won't be seen for many months - so I really plead for anyone who is on the fence to take a skeptical approach - watch streams, read reviews, watch some let's play and form your opinion. You could always come back to the game in three, six months time and buy it then."

If you are insistent on downloading the alpha and assisting with DayZ's development process, you can pick it up from Steam for $29.99.