Pinball Arcade coming to PlayStation 4 tomorrow

Look, we all saw the initial rush of shooters, racing, and sports games to show off the new generation of consoles. But we all know the real reason you make an investment of more than $400: more realistic pinball. Rejoice, for your long pinball-less nightmare is finally nearly over. Pinball Arcade is launching tomorrow on the PlayStation 4, with a free table to get you started.

The free table is a recreation of what FarSight lead designer Bobby King dubbed "one of the best pinballs of all time" on the PlayStation.Blog. The "Tales of the Arabian Nights" table was put out by Williams in 1996, and apparently remains a respected classic in the hardcore pinball circuit.

Pinball Arcade is launching digitally this week, and the announcement says that the physical version is also getting delivered to "a few retailers." Sounds like you'll have better luck finding it online, then. The launch content includes all of Season One, which is composed of more than 20 tables. King points out that nine of the top-rated 14 pinball tables on enthusiast site Pinside will be available from day one.

If you happen to already own all the Season One tables on PS3 or Vita, you can get either of the two Season One Packs at half-off. PlayStation Plus members will also enjoy a 10% discount on the packs for the next two weeks.

As previously reported, the next generation lets FarSight pull off some lighting tricks and reflections for more realistic tables.