Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage brings festive bloodbath

Viscera Cleanup Detail may be built on a simple joke, but it's a good one: a wonky physics-based cleanup of the mess left behind my video game protagonists. But with a festive spin-off game, it's something far less jolly: this time players are slipping on their rubber boots to clear up the blood and bodies left in the wake of Santa's Rampage.

The spin-off sends you into Santa's Workshop, sifting through debris and presents to clean up slain elves, butchered reindeer, and the gallons of blood they've left around the place. You can grab it on Steam for $1.99, thanks to a 20% launch discount which runs until December 20.

Developer RuneStorm is still working on the main Viscera Cleanup Detail game, which will boast more levels and co-op over the original prototype. Pre-ordeing gets you beta access, as well as both Santa's Rampage and the Shadow Warrior spin-off.