Why night racing and weather effects may never come to Forza 5

Bringing classic tracks to a next-generation console hasn't proven easy for Turn 10 Studios. Creative director Dan Greenawalt says that building next-gen tracks and assets for Forza Motorsport 5 is time consuming, and that adding weather and nighttime effects would've added a tremendous burden to the team. In other words, don't expect to see these additions come to Forza 5 any time soon.

Greenawalt tells IGN that getting a track up and running takes at least nine months of development. The process would be significantly longer if the team also had to account for additional physics, shadows, and lighting effects.

"If we wanted to make one of those tracks work with the added particles or projected shadows, and of course adding the physics to do something like night and wet, it means re-engaging those tracks," Greenawalt added. "I'm not trying to give an excuse, I'm trying to give context as to why this is an order of magnitude higher than something like Drag and Tag, and other things we're looking at from the community."

Gran Turismo 6 includes both of these features, but it also benefits from being a current-gen game. It will be interesting to see how the demands of next-gen asset creation will affect the PS4 version of Gran Turismo.