World of Tanks Xbox 360 goes open beta this weekend

World of Tanks is nearly ready for release on Xbox 360. But before Wargaming's free-to-play action game goes fully live, they need to do one more beta. This weekend, everyone is invited to play--regardless of where you live and if you have Gold. Described as a "one-time event," this open beta is the "last testing phase" before the game is officially released.

The beta will run from today through December 15th. If you don't have an Xbox Live Gold account, you'll be given a free 7-day trial when accessing the beta. Even if you've previously redeemed a 7-day trial, participating in the beta will grant you another trial to take advantage of.

If you play at least ten matches on Saturday from 3-6PM PT, you'll receive 7 days of free Premium Account status, which lets you earn credits and XP faster-than-normal. The Premium status will go into effect once the game goes live on Xbox 360.