Candy Crush Saga: Dreamworld expansion adds new Moon Struck power

Like it or not, Candy Crush Saga remains one of the biggest games around, with countless players clearing like-colored blocks on iOS, Android, and Facebook. Today, the game has been updated with a new expansion that adds a new wrinkle to the Bejeweled-inspired gameplay.

"Dreamworld" is now available to players that have cleared level 50 in the base game. According to Kotaku, the expansion lets you replay classic levels in a new way. Yes, you'll still be clearing candy, but you'll have to be mindful of Odus the Owl. His moon is balanced by two candy colors, and if you clear too many of one color without the other, he'll come falling down. If you're able to keep it balanced for long enough, you'll activate the expansion's new Moon Struck power, which clears all blocks of a single color from the screen.