Rayman Legends jumps to PS4 and Xbox One on February 25

Those of you holding out for the somehow-prettier next-gen version of Rayman Legends now have a date to mark on your calendars. Ubisoft announced today that the limbless wonder will be popping onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 25, 2014.

Ubisoft promises the next-gen versions will feature enhanced visuals and improved load times. The company also detailed how it will take advantage of the next-gen features. The PlayStation 4 version will use the touchpad for scratching Lucky Tickets, and use the Vita for off-TV play. The Xbox One version will include 10 extra challenges to unlock time-limited Achievements. Each platform will also get some unique skins too: Splinter Ray, Ray Vaas, and Globox Vaas on XBO, and Assassin Ray on PS4. You can also purchase Funky Ray with Uplay points.

To mark the occasion, Ubisoft put out one of the strangest, non sequitur trailers of the year. Enjoy.