Borderlands 2 rolling a snowman head on December 17

Borderlands 2 is rolling some heads out yet again. Keeping with the holiday theme of its Halloween and Thanksgiving packs, the next one will be a distinctly Pandora take on Christmas. Titled "How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day," the announcement states it will be available on December 17 for $2.99. In the DLC, Marcus asks you to find a train full of guns that went missing on the way to Gingerton. In the process, you'll fight a giant snowman named Mr. Tinder Snowflake, and gain his head for winning the fight. The team has even added a bandit singing a rendition of Carol of the Bells. More Headhunter DLC is also coming in 2014, according to Gearbox, though if it stays similarly holiday-themed they'll have to go with groundhogs- and arbor-based heads.

How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day