Final Fantasy 5 arrives on Vita

Good news, Final Fantasy fans! Final Fantasy 5 has arrived on Vita, giving you a chance to re-live the 1992 Super NES classic in the palm of your hands! (Well... you can re-live it as it was ported to the original PlayStation, anyway.)

Fans will recognize Final Fantasy 5 as being one of the first game in the series to use the refined job system, with players gaining access to new jobs by collecting crystal shards. They're also likely to recognize the story, which follows traveler Bartz Klauser, as he encounters Princess Lenna and helps investigate King Tycoon's disappearance and the sudden stoppage of the wind.

Final Fantasy V is available now on Vita for $9.99 from the PlayStation Store. If the PSone Classic version's localization issues are too much to gloss over, a version of the game was also released on iOS and Android earlier this year for $15.99.