Proteus PC patch adds PlayStation's Wild Islands

Creator Ed Key has deployed a new 1.2 patch for the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Proteus. While it's mainly intended to fix a lingering crash for OSX Maverick and improve framerates, the patch also includes features from the recently-released PS3 and Vita versions of the game.

"If you had no framerate or crashing problems, the main update is that I've added some of the 'wilder islands' features from the PSVita/PS3 port," Key said on the Proteus blog. "Some of these are subtle, some aren't, and they’re all locked until you play through once, then are randomly applied on future islands. They are all purely visual or 'structural' things. You can also change the 'Wildness' setting in the 'Other' options menu if you want to force 'normal' islands or maximum wildness."

Key also adds that the physical $40 Artifact Edition remains in development, now almost a year after the game's initial release. He has issued an apology for the long wait and is also offering refunds to people who want them.