EverQuest Next Landmark video explains quick building and economy

We've previously seen the fruits of hours' worth of labor in EverQuest Next, having witnessed entire landscapes morph before our eyes. But what if you don't have that much time to spend and want something a little quicker? A new EverQuest Next Landmark video shows off just how fast (and easy) adventurers can build their houses and towers, while also elaborating on the Player Studio-based economy previously hinted in an interview with Shacknews earlier this year.

Director of development Dave Georgeson demonstrates the simplicity of building in a new video, showing houses, towers, and various other structures getting built in a matter of seconds. Georgeson adds that the opportunity for exploration will be ever-present, with surroundings constantly changing, thanks to player creation.

Georgeson also goes more into the opportunities that Player Studio will offer would-be creators. "If fortune is really what you want to go into, if that's what really flips your switch, then there's two ways to really pursue it," he explains. "One of them is by amassing a virtual fortune. You can go to a marketplace stall and sell the items and objects and stuff you've found and created. Or if what you really want is a real fortune, you can make items inside the game, put them up on Player Studio for players to buy and earn real cash."

You can check out the building system in action by watching the aforementioned video below. EverQuest Next Landmark is still in alpha, though you can sign up for the beta right now.