Weekend Confirmed 194 - Gran Turismo 6, Tearaway

By Ozzie Mejia, Dec 06, 2013 11:00am PST

Jeff Cannata is in the Big Apple this weekend, which leaves host Garnett Lee to lead this week's episode of Weekend Confirmed solo. He welcomes in Shacknews' Ozzie Mejia, Christian Spicer, and Nikole Zivalich and they lead off the show by discussing the increasing problems plaguing Battlefield 4 and where the game goes from here. The show then goes handheld, as Christian discusses everything that makes Media Molecule's Tearaway a sublime experience before Ozzie and Nikole dive into The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. As you might expect, this leads to a comparison of the two handhelds. Afterwards, Garnett takes the floor and discusses the good and the bad of Gran Turismo 6, taking a critical look at its microtransactions before discussing everything that makes it a more-than-worth entry to the long-running series. The show wraps up with new Finishing Moves and the post-show Tailgate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 194: 12/06/2013

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  • About the f5, and gt6 debate.

    Great conversation so far, and i cant fault anyone on their opinions to date. I couldnt agree more about our micro transaction problem we have just been forced to deal with as well.

    My issue is with gt6, and the fact that it is a "driving simulator" as Garnett said. GT has always been that way, and its a great time, and having gone through ever interation of the entire GT series, as well as the forza series (all copies are nicely displayed on my racing gear shelf), i have to say that that is where it loses its appeal. Yes, wheeling through some fantastic real life and fantasy tracks in one of 1200 cars is amazing, but theres no sense of urgency, theres no "race" feeling, and the feedback the car gives you feels almost non existent, aside from some weak force feedback, and the same tire squeal noice over and over again.

    Going over to F5, theres the obvious jump in generation, but the feedback the car gives you, through the controller, through the sounds of the engine, of the tires, and through the damage, theres no comparison. Forza gives the sense of speed like no other,and while 50mph might not feel like a real world 50mph, the control, or lack of control at high speeds is amazing. And im actually really liking the way the Drivatars work as well. Ive already received messages from buddies livid about how my drivatar screwed them over, or how hard my lap was to beat around Laguna Seca. The sounds sound real, the damage to the car feel real, and i have to try and avoid damage like never before, or suffer the last few laps of my race with my car pulling hard right, or missing a shift. add that to the feedback with the new controller, and i almost dont miss the fact i cant use my playseat and csr wheel.

    add full tuning, add full customization that FM offers us tuners, and theres no touching the series, if you love tinkering. teams, the rivals, the friends challenges, hell the whole FM community, with its tuning garages, its drift teams, its auction house, its livery artists, is such a wonderful community, and being a part of it personally, there really isnt anything else out there like it in gaming. i imagine that maybe those involved in 80 or 90 level WoW guilds may feel the same, but no racing game offers anything else like it.

    I honestly dont want to lose what fm4 had going, and with this first step, fm5 feels like its headed in the correct next generation direction.

    Garnett stated that, as sad as it is, we have to resign the simulation part of the game. We have to admit it isnt as simulation as it could be. With that admitted, then i really cant fault F5 for giving me exactly what i want, the RACING that i want. as if we are admitting we cant have perfect simulation, i dont want a walk down an 18 hole golf course, just trying to get around barriers in between myself and the first place car.

    putting both of the games oh the highest difficulties, with forza drivatars on expert, and full simulation steering and damage, and gt6 set to the highest, the first place car just gets out ahead faster, and the cars in between simply block more aggressively.

    Id love to see turn 10 change the way theyve set up this business model. More cars, more tracks, and better DLC pricing, and the same storefront and auction house as before, just regulated a bit better, and we all wouldve been happy. If F5 wouldve just been more of F4, but on a next gen console, with the drivatar added in, it honestly would be something i would keep for the long future.

    I like what PD did with the GT series, but it just feels like while its been polished up, and tidied to be more user friendly, i lose the sense of RACING, and the intense fast paced moments that the sport provides us all.

    I hope that Garnett gets around to picking up an xbox one, and does put some effort into fm5, as i really think it could bring up some great debate in the future on the cast. Sadly there are very few video game racing podcasts, and thus my thirst for racing game talks is rarely quenched. Id love to race some other confirmed listeners, or at least battle it out with your drivatars.

    Sorry for the long post, im sure some or most probably wont read it, but regardless, I look forward to future episodes of the show, you guy rock, as usual.

    my Live is B Diddy 6 , psn is B Diddy 6 as well. Add me, lets race. *puts on gloves and helmet*

    Happy holidays to all. Drive safe.