Weekend Confirmed 194 - Gran Turismo 6, Tearaway

By Ozzie Mejia, Dec 06, 2013 11:00am PST

Jeff Cannata is in the Big Apple this weekend, which leaves host Garnett Lee to lead this week's episode of Weekend Confirmed solo. He welcomes in Shacknews' Ozzie Mejia, Christian Spicer, and Nikole Zivalich and they lead off the show by discussing the increasing problems plaguing Battlefield 4 and where the game goes from here. The show then goes handheld, as Christian discusses everything that makes Media Molecule's Tearaway a sublime experience before Ozzie and Nikole dive into The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. As you might expect, this leads to a comparison of the two handhelds. Afterwards, Garnett takes the floor and discusses the good and the bad of Gran Turismo 6, taking a critical look at its microtransactions before discussing everything that makes it a more-than-worth entry to the long-running series. The show wraps up with new Finishing Moves and the post-show Tailgate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 194: 12/06/2013

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  • Thoughts on VGX

    Actually liked Joel Mchale. I thought he brought the kind of sarcastic, ironic detachment this kind of show needs. Far preferable to the old method of hiring celebrities who pretend 'no really, totally, I'm a huge gamer and love and care about everything you're showing!'. Gamers take this shit too seriously, it's great to have somebody there to ground it and be like 'dudes, you're getting worked up for nothing - the world won't end when GTA5 beats Last of Us for game of the year. Chill.'

    Unfortunately, nobody else really knew how to riff of it, so it felt awkward and clunky.

    Also, the 'Real Gamer Awards' by the Mega 64 guys were INCREDIBLE.

    Tales from the Borderlands:

    Tell Tale creating side-stories in the Borderlands universe? Hell yes, gimme! Can only hope they're able to capture the humor and trailer-park-trash-in-space vibe that made Borderlands so great.

    Without that voice/tone, these games could crash and burn pretty hard.

    Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

    Meh, ok. I'll probably download it sometime next year when the price has dropped, enjoy a great game again with slightly better presentation. Not particularly thrilling reveal though.

    BTW: If Eidos ever needs a new promo model for the Tomb Raider games, they could just go ahead and use the voice actress. Goddamn!

    Donkey Kong: Freeze Whatever:

    Not gonna lie, if this is the biggest game that Nintendo has in the pipeline that actually in a showable (or hell, teaseable state).... there's a reason that the WiiU is a dumpster fire sales-wise. It looks fun. It will not generate a hint of interest among those who do not already have WiiUs, and will not spur sales.

    Also, apparently Cranky Kong being added to the game and bringing cane-bouncing mechanics from fucking DUCK TALES on the NES is -in Reggie's words - a great innovation. Ok there.

    Quantum Break:

    Looks beautiful and interesting, but I'm always a little bummed when Remedy starts focusing on action/shooting over the storytelling and world-building that they're so good at. Still want to see more, but I'll admit my eyes glazed a bit when they said 'intense shooting action and dynamic cover based combat'. The time elements could make for some pretty cool shit though, especially since the post-trailer interview suggested they were dynamic, rather than unchanging scripted sequences.

    South Park:

    Looks like the game will live and die entirely on the writing/humor, because the gameplay looks completely by-the-numbers turn-based RPG stuff with some Paper Mario style flairs of direct control on special moves.


    Holy shit. Give it to me. Now. Amazing. Can't wait. That is all. Moving on.

    Broken Age:

    Gentlemen, you had my curiosity. But NOW you have my attention.

    The Division:


    Game of Thrones:

    Great. Good choice for the reveal to keep behind the hashtag tweet gate. Nobody would have missed it if they hadn't reached that goal.

    It's Tell Tale, I'm sure it will be good... unless it's by the people who did Jurassic Park...

    No Man's Sky:

    OK, this looks awesome. Really interesting and unique, both conceptually and visually. Looks like a mix of Homeworld (visually, ship and fleet design), Colony Wars (space dog-fights!), and that general fantasy Jeff and Garnett discussed awhile back about a game based purely on exploration and survival. It looks really, REALLY cool. Looks like the covers of classic sci-fi books come to life. I hope they're able to achieve the ambitions they have for it.

    Dying Light:

    Looks like a prettier version of Dead Island set in a city. Not too excited, to be honest...

    The free-running/traversal system looks interesting, I can just see myself getting really bored of killing and running from zombies, really quickly.

    Thief 4:

    Lots of negative buzz about this game coming out of E3, but I thought it looked pretty ok. There was a long gameplay demo/interview segment before the show on Twitch.tv channel, and I thought it looked pretty damn good. Don't know why they chose to put the STORY trailer on the main show, since it's never been the story that made Thief a beloved franchise. Love the Mirror's Edge style feeling of athleticism in the first-person view, as you slide and climb and whatnot.

    Witcher 3

    ....Mother of God....

    This game looks absolutely incredible. The awesome combat, art direction and branching storytelling of The Witcher + a dense open world to explore? Hell yes. Sign me up. Take my money!

    Titan Fall

    Every time they show more of this game, it looks better and better.

    Definitely the biggest and most important release of the next year. Looks like so much damn fun!