War Thunder tank expansion offering closed beta access for $50

Free-to-play dogfighter War Thunder may have plenty of admirers, but someone has to pay the bills. Developer Gaijin Entertainment is chasing big spenders to prop up freeloaders by selling closed beta access to its 'Ground Control' expansion, which adds tank battles to the mix. While it is bunging in some exclusive in-game goodies and virtual cash, packages start at $49.99 and run up to $99.99.

The four 'Advanced Packs' offer closed beta access from later this month along with increasing amounts of exclusive tanks, titles, decals, and in-game currency--though not much cash. The $50 pack, for example, only comes with $12 worth of the 'Golden Eagles.'

Exclusive plane packs equivalent to the $50 pack cost around $20, so that's $30 for the closed beta access. Still, if you really love War Thunder and don't want to wait or rely upon getting a key through competitions or such, Gaijin will be happy to take your money.

The PC version had over five million registered accounts at the start of November, according to Gaijin. In Europe it was a PlayStation 4 launch title, but isn't out in North America yet.