Guild Wars 2 Wintersday event begins next week

ArenaNet does so enjoy its seasonal festivities, and is once again ringing in the winter solstice (and other December-y things, I suppose) with Wintersday celebrations. The snowy event will return to Guild Wars 2 next Tuesday, December 10, the developer confirmed today, with plenty of challenges, games, and gifts.

Toymaker Tixx shall be touring Tyria again, bringing the Toypocalypse tower defense minigame, snowball fights, a festive jumping puzzle, the Bell Choir rhythm minigame, and toy pets to win. Wintersday 2013 will run for six weeks.

More conventionally, the December 10 update will also bring a new healing skill for each class, the ability to craft Ascended armour, balance tweaks, and more quests following the Toxic Alliance.

The announcement has more details, and ArenaNet will share a peek at it all in a Twitch stream at noon Pacific today. For now, here's a brief trailer accompanying the news: