Arma 3 second campaign episode due in January

Bohemia Interactive split off Arma 3's campaign so it could release the military sim before World War 3 kicks off, planning to release it episodically. The first free chapter arrived in October and now the developer has announced the second will launch on Tuesday, January 21, promising a more sandbox-y experience. The 'Adapt' episode revisits NATO peacekeeper Ben Kerry, who's now trapped with his chums on the island of Stratis, seeing them try to escape to nearby Altis. "While the first part of the campaign focused on the basics of infantry combat, this second 'Adapt' episode plays with the other cool features of Arma 3's sandbox," Arma 3's playable content lead Jaroslav Kasny said in today's announcement. "Players will find more open and unorthodox scenarios, and with the help of guerrilla warfare, set out to defeat a much stronger enemy." Before this, on December 11, Bohemia plans to launch the episode's new sandbox content for people to mess about with. This includes the MBT-52 tank, Wy-55 Hellcat helicopter, FV-720 tracked vehicle, infra-red grenades, an LRS sniper scope, and other bits and pieces.

Three screenshots of the second chapter