The Novelist checks in on December 10

Kent Hudson's unique take on the traditional god game, The Novelist, has been given a release date. The debut game from the former Thief: Deadly Shadows, BioShock 2, and Deus Ex: Invisble War designer will arrive on December 10 for PC and Mac.

According to the game's website, The Novelist will launch at a discounted $14.99. Those that opt to pre-order through the game's site will also receive a Steam key and the soundtrack at no extra charge.

"It’s been an amazing journey," Hudson adds on his site. "The ups and downs have been huge, and it’s hard for me to believe the game is actually going to be out in the world soon. I truly hope you all enjoy it, and thanks again for all of your patience and support."

For more on The Novelist, feel free to re-visit our interview with Hudson from earlier this year and watch the trailer below.