The Elder Scrolls Online trailer details character progression

After previously showing off the heavily-nuanced character creation system, a new trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online explains how those characters will fight. Players will be able to gain attributes and skills, just as in previous Elder Scrolls games, but they'll also earn abilities through a skill line system that can be customized as their character levels up.

"Skill points allow you to define your character in a specific way," said lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle. "So you can spend a point to learn an ability or a spell, and abilities or spells belong to a skill line, which is a thematic connection of abilities. The more you use abilities from a specific skill line, like Stone Fist from the Earth magic skill, the more you'll have access to the abilities later in the line, like Petrify or Magma Armor."

After gaining enough experience with an ability, players will be able to "Morph" it into one of a number of selected evolutions. Konkle cites the Templar ability Rush Ceremony, which can be morphed to either heal three allies (as opposed to the standard one) or restore magicka.

For more on The Elder Scrolls Online's character progression system, including Ultimate attacks and passive abilities, check out the trailer below.

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