WildStar's final classes revealed: Medic and Engineer

Carbine's approach with WildStar seems to be carefully observing other MMORPG's exciting bits then building polished versions of them for itself, so its no surprise that its classes don't stray far from the norm. The developer today revealed the final two of WildStar's six classes, the Medic and Engineer, which are your requisite healing and pet classes respectively.

Today's announcement described the Medic as an "ultra-high-tech, close range, hybrid healer and damage dealer," so like World of Warcraft's Priest it dishes out pain as well as soothing it, but can take a little more damage too thanks to wearing medium armour. As well as target heals and attacks, they can create 'Station' static area effects, and 'Probes' which follow people around. Attack will help recharge the Medic's resources, so playing one shouldn't be a game of health bar whack-a-mole.

Carbine isn't saying too much about the Engineer for now, but MMORPG.com has played it a bit. Engineers have four robopets to choose from and can summon any two at once, the site says.

A new video dev diary dives into the Medic, following similar ones for the previously-revealed Warrior, Esper, Spellslinger and Stalker. A video for the Engineer will follow next Wednesday. Check the official site for more on those classes too.

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