Total War: Rome II 'Caesar in Gaul' DLC campaign announced

After releasing a few minor DLC packs for Total War: Rome II, The Creative Assembly is about ready to deliver something more substantial. The developer today announced a new DLC campaign pack named 'Caesar in Gaul,' retelling that time Caesar picked a fight with the proto-Frenchmen. Arriving next week, it'll add a new campaign map with new provinces, factions, generals, units, and more. The DLC focuses on a new, deeper Gallic campaign map, split into 18 provinces, between 58 and 51 BCE. It can be played as plain old Rome, or the new Nervii, Boii, or Galatian factions. These each bring new units, and Rome gets some of its own too. Due to the shorter time period, turns will represent two weeks rather than a whole year, so seasons and seasonal effects are back too, like crop-ruining hot summers. The developer also notes that due to the DLC dealing only with one area, it should make for co-op and competitive multiplayer campaigns that are "tighter, more focussed, and less time-consuming" than normal. Hit the announcement for more details on everything Caesar in Gaul adds. It's slated to launch on December 12, priced at $14.99. Here, screenshots:

Asterix and chums, beware!